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Outsourcing Solutions

If your organization does not need, or cannot afford, full management services – outsourcing may be the solution. Outsourcing allows an Association Management Company (AMC) to perform a specific task, function or project more efficiently or cost-effectively for you.

Consider outsourcing when:

•  The task is outside your expertise.
•  The function is time-consuming, difficult to manage or is not producing the desired results.
•  You need to reduce and control operating costs.
•  Fresh ideas or a different perspective is needed, in order to generate desired results.
•  Expertise is needed for a project or program to complement current staff’s skills.
•  You need someone to fill in during transitions or absences.

M&A offers a variety of outsourcing services including:

•  Offering a training session or program on how to be a successful volunteer leader;
•  Writing speeches and scripts;
•  Designing a brochure or other marketing materials;
•  Writing content, performing layout and design; and distributing a newsletter;
•  Writing meeting minutes and providing administrative support;
•  Lobbying lawmakers to change a current law or to support a specific legislative bill or issue;
•  Planning a special event;
•  Fundraising and sponsorship programs;
•  Designing and managing a website;
•  Bookkeeping, financial management and accounting services;
•  Grant writing;
•  Planning and hosting webinars or other distance learning offerings;
•  Consulting;
•  Securing a location to host a meeting or event;
•  Planning an event program and working with the speakers;
•  Selecting food and beverage for meetings and events;
•  Registering attendees for events; and
•  Planning and administering a trade show.