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Top 10 Reasons to Partner with M&A – McBride & Associates, Inc.

1. Go the extra mile – We are versatile and flexible in meeting the needs and deadlines of our clients. We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that your organization’s expectations are met.

2. Help lead organizations through challenging economic times – Working closely with association and nonprofit leaders, we identify and implement revenue generation strategies and recommend cost-savings options that do not impact the value or benefits provided to members and others.

3. We conduct environmental scans to help organizations identify emerging trends, opportunities and challenges, in order to plan for the future and meet their members’ and constituents’ needs.

4. Experts in all facets of association and nonprofit management – We have staff with expertise in organizational management; nonprofit leadership; administrative services and support; strategic planning; knowledge management and research; governance; advocacy, government relations, and lobbying; coalition building; relationship building; program and service management; fundraising and sponsorship programs; grant writing; managing certification, accreditation and licensure programs; meeting and event planning; marketing; graphic design; public relations; communications; website development and content management; and social media.

5. Allow volunteer leaders to focus on strategic initiatives – Our staff manages the day-to-day operations and carries out the policies and strategic goals that are set by the board or other governing body. It’s our job to focus on the administration of your organization, so that your leaders can focus on strategic initiatives.

6. Partner with you – We are passionate about our clients and the people they serve. Through a partnership with M&A, you’ll witness firsthand that we go above and beyond to help your organization or cause achieve success and the highest quality outcomes possible.

7. Invest in your success – We learn as much as we can about your cause, business, profession or industry. We believe that knowledge and information empowers you to be successful in meeting challenges, trends and changes that affect your business, industry, constituents, customers and/or clients.

8. Provide innovation, creativity and problem solving – We deliver innovative and creative ideas and solutions to help clients add value and address the challenges impacting their industries, businesses and professions.

9. Meet all compliance requirements – We ensure that all legal, financial, tax and compliance requirements are completed and submitted prior to deadlines. Leave the documentation and paperwork to us. We consult with accountants, attorneys, lobbyists and other experts to ensure compliance with any requirements impacting your nonprofit or tax-exempt organization.

10. Plan and host fantastic meetings and events – Our clients’ needs are consistently met because we plan professional development programs, offer networking opportunities, and secure a learning environment that is comfortable, convenient and cost-effective.